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  • Kraft Paper Water Active Amazon Prime Packing Tape

    stretch film & tape

    Tape Size: 70mm x 100m

    Adhesive Type:Water Activated

    1 Roll for Start is avaibale. Contact us NOW!

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    • Specifications

    What are the features of our packing tape?

    • This tape is resistant to water, moisture, dew, UV and can withstand changing weather conditions may it be heavy rains, freezing snowy temperatures or direct sunlight- making it ideal for outdoor transport.
    • It provides good adhesion, good tensile strength, short term, high temperature resistance and highly conformable
    • Wet adhesive = easy application. wet tape is easy to apply by hand or with a wat dispenser. 
    • Fiberglass reinforced for heavy duty hold.This wet tape can endure rough shipping. 
    • High tensile strength, good adhesion on different types of cardboard
    • Identifies pilferage, easy to manage, cut and install

    What are the Application of our packing tape?

    Kraft paper tape offers strength, extensibility, conformability, and high cross direction tensile for general purpose applications. Carton sealing, packaging, silk screening, picture framing, beaming, splicing.Performs well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

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