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Types Of Slip Sheets

3 3 月, 2021

According to the material, there are two types, namely Plastic Slip Sheet and Paper Slip Sheet. Plastic Slip Sheets are mostly used for warehouse turnover or multiple reuse; paper slip sheets are mostly used for one-time shipment.

According to the push-pull side, there are one side Slip Sheet, two sides slip sheet, and four sides slip sheet. The standard on both sides, one side is commonly used for shipping, and the four sides are commonly used for warehouse turnover or repeated use.

Advantages of plastic slip sheet:
1. Reduce cost and save space
2. Anti-slip and recyclable
3. Can be used in a humid environment
4. Ability to reuse

Advantages of paper slip sheet:
1. Cost savings and save space
2. Not subjected to phytosanitary restriction
3. Used in conjunction with the push-pull machine to improve efficiency

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