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  • wood shaving pier,wood sawdust block Plywood Pallets,fumigation free pallets

    wooden pallet
    Usage/Application Shipping
    Shape Rectangular
    Capacity UPTO 5 TONS
    Pallet Type 4 & 2 WAY
    Wood Type PLYWOOD
    Color Natural
    Nails Used Ring Nails
    • Specifications

    wood shaving pier,wood sawdust block Plywood Pallets,fumigation free pallets

     plywood pallets are made by hardwood plywood,birch plywood,marine plywood,poplar plywood, WBP plywood  and and wood sawdust block s.

    Plywood is a panel consists of some plies of veneers.The veneers are peeled from wood logs, like hardwood, birch, poplar, oak, pine, etc.These wood veneers finally will be bonded together with adhesive under high pressure and high temperature (110℃ to 140℃).

    Product Features:

    1. Compared with multi-laminates, uniform specifications and consistent appearance improve the appearance and grade of products;
    2. Smooth on all sides without polishing; Different from the sawdust pier with the whole board cut, the surface is coarse and easy to drop the slag;
    3. Heat evenly around and in the middle, glue solidifies thoroughly, and the product has high strength;
    4, surface smooth water skiing is not easy to permeate, coupled with the fiber binding force of the shavings themselves, so that the products have excellent water resistance.
    5, wood shavings plus wood shavings themselves of the rough fiber, internal structure force is strong, so not easy to crack after eating nails.

    Available specification:

    80*100、80*120、100*120、 customized.

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