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3 3 月, 2021

Presswood Pallet

presswood pallet

Presswood Pallet molded fiber material is 60% lighter and less expensive than wooden pallets and 100% recyclable. Nestable for space saving has 4-way entry and no nails or splinters.

With a space-saving nestable design, light-weight molded wooden pallets are cost-effective alternatives to conventional heat treated wooden and plastic pallets. Ideal for closed loop systems, yielding a lower cost per trip.

Some customers call them chipboard pallets or particle board pallets ? we call them Presswood Pallets-simply the best overall value in shipping pallets on the market today.

Perks for the Presswood Pallet

Cost Effective
Molded wooden pallet gives you an economical alternative to conventional wooden stringers and expensive plastic pallets.

Light-Weight and Durable
60% lighter than conventional, hardwood pallets, molded wood pallets are durable enough to be reused yet inexpensive enough to be expendable.

Nestable Design
With a space-saving ratio of 4-1; these export pallets provide great space savings both in the warehouse and in shipping.

Pallet Dispenser
Nested pallets can be dispensed automatically.

Most sizes of pallets are in stock and available to ship in truckload and less than truckload quantities.

Safe, One-piece Design
Having no nails or staples helps reduce product and package damage. Rounded corners and tapered legs prevent tearing of outer stretch-wrap and packaging materials. Eliminating sharp edges helps reduce employee and customer injuries.

Ready For Export?
Presswood pallets are acceptable for import into Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China and Brazil, as well as most other countries. No additional treatment for overseas shipping is necessary; the high heat manufacturing process used to create our export pallets burns out all insect and larval infestations.

Recycled and Recyclable
Our molded wood pallets are produced using less energy and natural resources than traditional hardwood stringer pallets. AN ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE process turns damaged logs, wood waste, and other wood by-products into new molded wooden export pallets. The unique Presswood pallet leaves our planet a little bit ?Greener.?


  • Nested to save space
  • Fast delivery
  • No exchange fee
  • No rental fees
  • Economical


  • Conforms to ISPM 15
  • Requires no treatment
  • Accompanying certificate provided free of charge upon request by country
  • Dimensions adapted to maritime containers


  • Built from wood waste, molded pallet and contributes to the preservation of our forests
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • totally biodegradable


  • Manufactured in high tech presses
  • Without spikes or screws, so safe for users and products
  • Easy to film or pack

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