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    The U-shaped corner protector is designed to protect the surface from scratches and transportation damage without adding extra weight.

    Made of 100% recyclable materials, it can be used for protection (doors, windows, desktops, panels, pipes, profiles, etc.), and is a safe and green packaging material.

    Advantages of U-shaped paper corner protection:

    First, the U-shaped paper corner protector provides firm packaging for pallet transportation. The U-shaped paper corner protector can protect the corners of any goods loaded on the pallet. It is used together with packing tape and stretch film to make the original loose and fragmented Items such as cartons, plates, metal tubes, metal coils, and electronic components become a solid whole, preventing the goods from tilting and collapsing.

    Second, U-shaped paper corner protectors can prevent external damage. If U-shaped paper corner protectors are only used to protect the surface and do not require reinforcement, the thickness can be 3mm. The size can be determined according to the size of the goods, in order to reduce Cost, some small corner protectors can also be used to protect the corners from being damaged due to too tight strapping.

    Third, the U-shaped paper corner protector fixes the goods on the pallet, which can protect the product and its edges.

    Fourth, the U-shaped paper corner protector can protect and support the product during handling.

    Fifth, U-shaped paper corners can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers.

    Sixth, increase the stacking pressure of the cartons. Put the U-shaped paper corners on the four corners of the cartons, which can enhance the stacking strength of the cartons and play a buffering effect when they are impacted by the outside. Squeeze the contents inside.

    Seventh, in heavy-duty packaging, paper corners can replace the previously used corner irons, effectively reducing costs.

    Eighth, U-shaped paper corner protectors bind the products together to make the overall packaging more solid and firm.

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